Best Humidifiers for Cats in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Humidifiers for Cats in 2023

When it comes to keeping your feline friend healthy and comfortable, you might think about their diet, toys, and cozy napping spots. However, one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is the quality of indoor air, particularly the humidity levels. In this regard, we bring you the best humidifiers for cats. Humidifiers for dogs also work in a similar fashion.

Just like humans, cats are sensitive to the humidity in their environment. Dry air can lead to skin irritations and respiratory issues in cats, while excessively humid conditions can promote mold and bacteria growth, potentially causing allergies and infections.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top five best humidifiers for cats in 2023, exploring their features, benefits, and why they stand out in the market. 

We’ll also address key considerations when purchasing a humidifier for your cat and answer some frequently asked questions about humidifiers and cat health. 

Top 7 Best Humidifiers for Cats in 2023

Exploring the wide range of humidifiers for cats can be overwhelming, but worry not. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a carefully curated list of the top 7 best humidifiers for cats in 2023. 

Each best humidifiers for cats has been selected for its unique features and benefits, all designed to enhance and maintain the appropriate humidity levels for your cat’s comfort and health.

List of Best Cat Humidifiers 2023

Humidifier for CatsShort DescriptionMain FeaturesUser Reviews SummaryRatings (Out of 5)
Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool MistOffers a solution for a healthy environment, 6L tank, quiet operation, essential oil tray, auto shut-offUsers praised its efficiency, quietness, and noted significant relief for cats with respiratory issues.Users praised its efficiency and quietness, mentioning significant relief for cats with respiratory issues.4.8/5
Raydrop Ultrasonic Cool MistBudget-friendly choice, 4L tank, adjustable mist settings, quiet operation, auto shut-offAppreciated for its quiet operation and ease of cleaning, specifically helpful for cats with breathing problems.Appreciated for its quiet operation and ease of cleaning, noted for helping cats with breathing problems.4.5/5
LEVOIT LV600HH Hybrid UltrasonicEfficient for larger spaces, warm mist technology, smart controls, large tankCommended for its quietness, ease of cleaning, and observed improvements in cat health within larger spaces.Users commended its quietness, ease of cleaning, and observed improvements in cat health in larger spaces.4.7/5
AquaOasis Cool Mist Quiet UltrasonicSilent operation, 2.2L tank, auto shut-off, no filter requiredUsers liked its ease of use and observed increased humidity, some wished for a larger tank.Users liked its ease of use and noticed increased humidity, although some desired a larger tank.4.4/5
LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart UltrasonicSmart controls, large capacity, quiet operation, app and Alexa compatibleWhile not explicitly cat-focused, users appreciated its quietness and convenience.Not explicitly cat-focused, but users appreciated its quietness and convenience.4.6/5
MOVTIP Mini Cool MistPortable, compact design, 500ml capacity, quiet operation, auto shut-offPraised for convenience and effectiveness, especially in smaller spaces. Some users wished for a larger tank.Praised for its convenience and effectiveness, particularly in smaller spaces, though some users wished for a larger tank.4.3/5
UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier2L water capacity, automatic shut-off, cool mist, adjustable settings, quietHighly appreciated for affordability, reliability, and effectiveness in alleviating asthma symptoms in cats.Highly appreciated for affordability, reliability, and its effectiveness in alleviating asthma symptoms in cats. Users found it reliable and beneficial for improving the indoor environment.

1. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist

The Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier offers a valuable solution for maintaining a healthy environment for your household, including your pets. 

With a substantial 6L (1.6 gallons) water tank, it guarantees up to 50 hours of cool mist, ideal for spaces up to 500 sq ft. 

This feature combats dryness, benefiting both your cats and human residents by ensuring a comfortable moisture level.

The silent operation (less than 35 dB) ensures an undisturbed resting environment for your feline friends, while user-friendly controls make it simple to operate. 

Notably, this humidifier includes an essential oil tray, allowing you to diffuse pleasant aromas. However, use essential oils cautiously around cats due to their potential sensitivities.

An automatic shut-off feature activates when water levels drop, ensuring your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

Humidifier for Cats


Large 6L capacity, lasting up to 50 hours

Whisper-quiet operation

Adjustable mist settings and essential oil tray

Easy to clean and maintain


Size may be bulky for small spaces

Lacks top-fill design for easier refills

User Reviews

Users praise the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier for its efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and long runtime. It’s particularly beneficial for cats with respiratory problems. 

One satisfied customer mentioned, “Our cat has asthma, and it really helps her.” Its energy efficiency is also noted as a significant advantage.


The Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier stands out as the best overall humidifier for cats. 

It strikes a balance between functionality, design, and durability, making it a versatile tool for enhancing your cat’s comfort and health.

2. Raydrop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The Raydrop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is an excellent choice for providing a comfortable living environment for your feline friend on a budget. 

With a 4L tank, it can operate for up to 30 hours on low settings and 15 hours on high, effectively combating dryness and promoting well-being.

This humidifier features an adjustable mist output via a dial knob, allowing precise control over humidity levels. 

The quiet operation (≤ 30 dB) ensures it won’t disturb your cat’s restful sleep. Additionally, it has an auto shut-off function for safety when water runs out.

best humidifier for cats


Large 4L capacity

Adjustable mist settings

Quiet operation

No filter required, reducing maintenance costs


Refilling may be a bit messy without a top-fill design

Cleaning might be somewhat challenging

User Reviews

Users appreciate the Raydrop Humidifier for its quiet operation, effectiveness, and ease of cleaning. It’s particularly beneficial for cats with breathing issues. However, some users mentioned that refilling the device could be tricky due to the lack of a top-fill design.


The Raydrop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier offers a powerful and quiet solution for adjusting humidity levels in your home, making it an excellent budget-friendly choice for cat owners.

3. LEVOIT LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier

The LEVOIT LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier is designed for excellence, catering to multi-cat households and larger living spaces. 

With a near-silent operation (≤ 28 dB) and a capacity to cover up to 753 square feet, it efficiently meets the humidity needs of larger homes.

This humidifier boasts a high mist output of 500mL/hr and a substantial 6-liter tank, providing up to 50 hours of continuous humidity. 

It features warm mist technology, ideal for homes with cats suffering from dry skin or respiratory issues due to low humidity. 

The LEVOIT LV600HH also offers smart features, including an auto mode with a built-in sensor, customizable humidity levels, and an automatic shut-off function.

Humidifer for cats


High-efficiency humidification for large rooms

Near-silent operation

Warm mist technology for quick humidity increase

Smart controls and essential oil diffuser


Requires distilled water for operation

Tank refill may be a bit clumsy

User Reviews

Users praise the LEVOIT LV600HH for its whisper-quiet operation, ease of cleaning, and smart features. Some users noticed a significant improvement in their cat’s respiratory symptoms after using the humidifier. The convenience of features like automatic shut-off and a large water tank is celebrated.


The LEVOIT LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier is an exceptional high-end choice for cat owners. Its efficient humidification, quiet operation, and smart features make it a top-notch solution for enhancing your cat’s comfort and health.

4. AquaOasis Cool Mist Quiet Ultrasonic

The AquaOasis Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier offers a thoughtful solution for dry indoor conditions that may affect your cats. 

It features whisper-silent operation, ensuring even the lightest sleepers among your cats won’t be disturbed. 

The device includes an auto shut-off function and a 360-degree rotating nozzle for customization.

With a 2.2L tank, the AquaOasis humidifier can operate for over 24 hours, making it suitable for busy days when refilling is not an option. 

Additionally, it doesn’t require a filter, reducing maintenance time and costs. AquaOasis offers a lifetime warranty, reflecting its trust and reliability in the product.

Humidifier for cats


Large 2.2L tank for extended operation

Auto shut-off function for safety

Whisper-quiet operation

No filter required


Water tank may not last an entire night on high humidity settings

Small tank opening could make cleaning difficult

User Reviews

Users appreciate the AquaOasis humidifier for its easy operation, quietness, and the significant increase in humidity it provides, even in smaller spaces. Some users wished for a larger water tank for longer operation and a larger opening for easier cleaning.


The AquaOasis Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is an excellent solution for cat owners looking to improve indoor air quality. Its silent operation, customizable settings, and large tank capacity make it a top choice in the mid-range category.

5. LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic

The LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier is an innovative addition to your home environment. 

It offers potent performance, high-tech features, and smart capabilities, making it the best smart humidifier for cats. 

While not exclusively designed for cats, it coincidentally benefits them greatly.

With a humidification speed four times faster than standard models, the LEVOIT Classic 300S lasts up to 60 hours and covers a vast 505 ft² area.

Its quiet operation (≤ 30 dB) preserves your home’s tranquility, essential for your cat’s well-being. 

It also offers smart controls via an app or Alexa, allowing you to adjust settings and create personalized humidification schedules.

LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic


Smart control for easy setting adjustment

Quiet operation suitable for a peaceful environment

High-capacity water tank lasting up to 60 hours

Convenient top-fill design and essential oil diffusing capability


Requires specific Levoit filter and aroma pads

Distilled or purified water is preferred

User Reviews

Users have experienced noticeable improvements in their cat’s comfort with the LEVOIT Classic 300S. 

It’s praised for its quiet operation, ease of use, and convenience, especially for pet owners. Features like automatic shut-off, a large water tank, and smart controls are celebrated.


The LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier is a versatile solution for creating a healthy, comfortable living environment for you and your cats. Its convenience, flexibility, and focus on comfort make it the best choice for cat owners looking for a smart humidifier.

6. MOVTIP Mini Cool Mist Humidifier

The MOVTIP Mini Cool Mist Humidifier is an exceptional choice for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your room, specifically for your feline companions. 

Designed for portability and efficiency, this compact humidifier is ideal for travel, small apartments, or occasional use.

Despite its small size, the MOVTIP humidifier boasts a 500ml capacity, providing up to 12 hours of intermittent mist. 

This long-lasting performance ensures a comfortable environment for your cat during dry seasons, relieving discomfort from dry skin and fur. 

It operates quietly, has an auto shut-off function for safety, and doesn’t require distilled water.

MOVTIP Mini Cool Mist Humidifier


Compact and portable design

Two mist modes for customization

Auto shut-off function

Quiet operation


Small tank capacity may require frequent refilling

May require charging for uninterrupted operation

User Reviews

Users appreciate the MOVTIP Mini Cool Mist Humidifier for its convenience and effectiveness. Some users noted a significant improvement in their cat’s congestion after using the humidifier regularly. 

It’s celebrated for its quiet operation, easy refilling, and the increase in humidity it provides, even in smaller spaces.


The MOVTIP Mini Cool Mist Humidifier is a standout in the portable category. Its compact size, impressive performance, cat-friendly features, and user-friendly operation make it an excellent choice for your cat’s comfort and well-being.

7. UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier

When it comes to keeping your cat’s respiratory health in check and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for both you and your feline friend, the UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier stands out as a top choice. 

I’ve personally tested this humidifier, and it exceeded my expectations in several ways, all at a very reasonable cost. Let’s delve into the details, pros, and cons of this fantastic product.

The UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier boasts several features that make it a standout choice for cat owners concerned about their pets’ well-being. Here’s a closer look at what this humidifier offers:

Humidifier for cats


1. Generous Water Capacity: This humidifier can hold up to 2 liters of water, which translates to an impressive runtime of 25 hours on the low mist setting. This extended operation time makes it ideal for those with busy lifestyles or for pet owners who want their cats to enjoy the benefits of humidified air throughout the day and night.

2. Automatic Shut-Off: Forgetful moments won’t be a cause for concern. The UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier features an automatic shut-off mechanism that activates when the water levels run low. This safety feature ensures the machine won’t run dry, preventing any potential hazards.

3. Cool Mist Output: As a cool mist humidifier, this product is perfectly safe for households with pets. You won’t need to worry about accidental burns, making it an excellent choice for cat owners.

4. Effective Coverage: The humidifier’s cool mist can cover an area of up to 200 square feet, providing sufficient coverage for an entire room. If your cat enjoys moving around the house, you can easily purchase multiple units for different rooms, thanks to its affordability.

5. Adjustable Mist Settings: Tailor the humidifier’s performance to suit your cat’s needs. With two mist settings, high and low, you can fine-tune the humidity level based on your cat’s asthma severity or the air’s dryness.

6. Whisper-Quiet Operation: One of the standout features of this product is its near-silent operation. Whether you and your cat are resting or going about your day, this humidifier won’t cause any disturbances.

7. Easy Maintenance: Keeping the UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier clean and functional is a breeze. The detachable cord and its compact size make it easy to carry to and from the sink for refilling and cleaning.


1. Frontal Light: Some users have reported that the light on the front of the unit can be bothersome when trying to sleep. However, this can be easily addressed by positioning the humidifier strategically or using it during the day.

User Reviews

User feedback for the UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier has been overwhelmingly positive. Many cat owners have praised its affordability, reliability, and effectiveness in helping alleviate their cats’ asthma symptoms. The automatic shut-off feature has also been highly appreciated for providing peace of mind.


In conclusion, the UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier is an exceptional choice for cat owners looking to improve their pet’s respiratory health and create a comfortable indoor environment. With its generous water capacity, automatic shut-off, cool mist output, adjustable settings, and quiet operation, it ticks all the right boxes for cat-friendly humidification. While the frontal light may be a minor inconvenience for some, it’s a small trade-off for the many benefits this humidifier offers. If you want a reliable and affordable solution to enhance your cat’s well-being, the UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier is definitely worth considering.

Why Humidifiers are Essential for Cats?

Now that we’ve explored the top humidifiers for cats, let’s dive deeper into why these devices are essential for your feline friends’ health and comfort.

Understanding Cat’s Respiratory System

Cats, like humans, have intricate respiratory systems, including their noses, tracheas, and lungs. Inside their nasal passages and airways, cats have tiny hair-like structures called cilia, which act as natural air filters. 

These cilia trap dust, allergens, and irritants from the air, helping to keep the respiratory system healthy.

However, for these cilia to function optimally, the air needs to have the right level of humidity. When the air is too dry, these cilia may not work efficiently, potentially leading to respiratory problems.

Common Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor air quality can be a significant concern for both cats and humans. Indoor spaces often contain pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander, all of which can irritate a cat’s sensitive respiratory system. 

Dry indoor air can exacerbate these issues, making your cat’s symptoms worse.

For cats with allergies, colds, the flu, or upper respiratory infections (URIs), dry air can worsen their discomfort. 

That’s where a humidifier can make a difference. By adding moisture to the air, it helps soothe your cat’s nasal passages and throat, making it easier for cats to breathe.

Buying Guide for Best Humidifiers for Cats

When it comes to the health and well-being of your feline friend, choosing the right humidifier can make a world of difference. Dry indoor air can affect your cat’s respiratory health, skin, and overall comfort. 

However, with a plethora of options available, selecting the best humidifier for your cat’s needs can be daunting. 

This comprehensive buying guide will help you navigate the features to consider when choosing a humidifier for your beloved pet.

Safety Features

Safety should be your top priority when selecting a humidifier for your cat. Look for the following safety features:

Automatic Shut-Off

An automatic shut-off mechanism is crucial. It ensures that the humidifier turns off when the water reservoir is empty, preventing overheating and potential damage or fire hazards. 

This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that your cat’s environment remains safe.

Use of Distilled Water

For ultrasonic humidifiers, which emit a cool mist, it’s advisable to use distilled water instead of tap water. 

Tap water may lead to the production of vaporized salts and chlorine, which could be bothersome to your cat and leave a residue of white dust. Using distilled water ensures cleaner and safer humidification.

Noise Level

Cats are known for their sensitive hearing, so consider the noise level of the humidifier:

Quiet Operation

Opt for a humidifier that’s marketed as quiet or silent. While it might not be completely noiseless, it should be quiet enough not to cause any distress to your feline companion. 

Remember, a comfortable cat is a happy cat!

Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier

The choice between a warm or cool mist humidifier depends on your pets safety:

Warm Mist Humidifier

Warm mist humidifiers emit a warm vapor into the air, which can be soothing for certain respiratory issues and provide additional warmth in colder months. 

However, they can pose a burn risk for curious cats who may come into contact with the hot water or steam. 

If safety is a concern, especially if you have an inquisitive cat, consider a cool mist humidifier.

Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers disperse a comfortable, cool vapor into your living space. They are generally safer for households with pets, as there is no risk of burns. 

Cool mist humidifiers are also efficient at combating dry air, which can help ease breathing issues for cats.

Tank Size and Runtime

Consider the tank size and runtime of the humidifier:

Tank Size

The tank size determines how much water the humidifier can hold. Larger tanks typically mean longer runtimes, but they can be heavier to carry when it’s time for a refill. 

Choose a tank size that suits your cat’s environment and your convenience.


A longer runtime is beneficial if you’re using the humidifier to address a specific condition in your cat, such as a cold or asthma. 

It ensures sustained humidity levels, offering the best chance for your cat’s recovery. Balancing the tank size with your ability to handle it comfortably is essential.

Additional Features

Look for humidifiers with convenient features that enhance usability:

Built-In Timer

A built-in timer allows you to schedule the humidifier’s operation according to your cat’s routine. This feature helps maintain consistent humidity levels in your home.

Automatic Shut-Off

An automatic shut-off feature turns off the humidifier when the water level is low, saving energy and adding to the device’s safety. This feature is especially useful when you’re away from home.

Adjustable Mist Settings

Humidifiers with adjustable mist settings let you control the output, allowing you to manage humidity levels according to your cat’s specific needs. Customization can be particularly helpful in maintaining an optimal environment.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Proper maintenance and cleanliness are essential for your cat’s health. Consider these factors:

Easy-to-Clean Design

Choose a humidifier with a design that’s easy to clean. A complex design might look aesthetically pleasing, but cleaning it could become a challenging and time-consuming chore. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, which can harm your cat’s respiratory health.

Water Quality

The type of water you use matters. Tap water can lead to the production of “white dust” when used in humidifiers, as minerals like calcium and magnesium are dispersed into the air along with water vapor. 

While not harmful to breathe, white dust can be a nuisance to clean. To avoid this issue, use distilled or purified water in your humidifier.

Location Considerations

Position the humidifier out of your cat’s reach to prevent accidents. Ensure it is stable and securely positioned, with the cord hidden or secured to prevent it from becoming a temptation for playful cats.

A Word of Caution: The Risks of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

While considering additional features, it’s essential to be cautious about using essential oils in your humidifier. 

Essential oils can be harmful to cats when inhaled, leading to respiratory distress or even pneumonia. 

Avoid using essential oils in your humidifier, and consult your vet if you have any concerns about scents or oils in your cat’s environment.

aromatherapy and essential oils

Location Considerations

In addition to the humidifier itself, consider where you’ll place it in your home. Ensure it’s in a location that your cat can’t easily access to avoid accidents. 

Stability is crucial, and cords should be secured to prevent them from becoming playthings.

Conclusion: Monitoring Your Cat’s Response

As you’ve seen, choosing the best humidifiers for cats involves several factors, from safety and noise level to tank size, runtime, and additional features. 

However, every cat is unique, and what works well for one may not necessarily be the best fit for another. 

Always monitor your cat’s health and behavior closely when introducing a new element like a humidifier into their environment. 

If you notice any negative changes or if your cat seems uncomfortable, consult with your veterinarian. 

The goal is to enhance your cat’s comfort and health, and with the right approach, a humidifier can do just that.

Health Benefits of Best Humidifiers for Cats

Humidifiers offer a range of health benefits for your feline companions, contributing to their overall well-being. Here’s a deeper dive into the advantages of using humidifiers for cats:

Improved Respiratory Health

Maintaining the right humidity levels in your home significantly enhances your cat’s respiratory health

Cats, like humans, thrive in environments with a relative humidity of 40% to 60%. Deviations from this range can lead to discomfort and exacerbate respiratory issues, particularly in cats with conditions like asthma or upper respiratory infections (URIs).

Managing Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs)

For cats with uncomplicated URIs, which can cause symptoms like sneezing, congestion, and runny noses, environmental humidification can provide relief. 

A humidifier creates an environment where nasal and airway congestion is alleviated, making it easier for your cat to breathe. This can significantly improve their comfort and recovery.

Benefits for Cats with Asthma

Cats with asthma often experience symptoms like open-mouth breathing, rapid breathing, wheezing, coughing, and even vomiting due to respiratory distress.

Adequate humidity levels can help alleviate these discomforts. Humidifiers provide an environment that is less likely to trigger asthma attacks or worsen existing symptoms.

Skin and Coat Health

Humidifiers also play a vital role in maintaining your cat’s skin and coat health. Dry indoor air can lead to dry, itchy skin and a lacklustre coat. Here’s how humidifiers contribute:

Prevention of Dry Skin Through best humidifiers for cats

Dry air can cause skin irritation, especially during the winter months. Cats may develop dry, flaky skin, leading to discomfort. 

By reintroducing moisture into the air, humidifiers help keep your cat’s skin hydrated, mitigating issues related to dryness.

A Lustrous Coat

Dry air can dull your cat’s coat. With proper humidity levels, your cat’s fur maintains its natural shine and softness. Humidifiers are a simple solution for maintaining a healthy and vibrant coat.

Relief from Skin Issues

If your cat has been suffering from skin irritations due to dryness, a well-placed humidifier can provide relief. 

Conditions like dandruff and itchiness can be minimized when the air is adequately humidified.

Comfort and Well-being

Humidifiers contribute to your cat’s overall comfort and well-being in various ways:

Reduced Discomfort Behaviors

Cats are sensitive creatures and can be affected by their environment. Inadequate humidity levels can lead to discomfort, which may manifest as excessive scratching or grooming. 

Proper humidity ensures your cat remains comfortable and less prone to such behaviors.

Engagement with the Environment

Interestingly, many cats are intrigued by the mist produced by a humidifier. This added element of engagement can enhance their environment and stimulate their curiosity.

Feline Herpes Virus (FVR)

Feline herpes virus (FVR) is a contagious disease that often results in upper respiratory issues and conjunctivitis. 

While a humidifier can offer symptom relief, it’s essential to consult with your vet for appropriate treatment if you suspect your cat has FVR.

By maintaining the right humidity level in your home, you not only create a more comfortable environment. But also contribute to your cat’s respiratory health, skin and coat health, and overall comfort and well-being. 

With the help of the best humidifier for cats, you can ensure your feline friend stays healthy and happy.


Choosing the best humidifiers for cats is not just about picking a popular product—it’s about understanding your cat’s unique needs and providing the best care possible. 

A well-chosen humidifier can significantly improve your cat’s health and comfort, especially if they suffer from respiratory issues or dry skin.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the essential features to consider when buying a humidifier for your cat, from safety and noise levels to tank size, runtime, and additional features. 

We’ve also emphasized the importance of using distilled water, proper maintenance, and caution when it comes to essential oils in the humidifier.

Remember that every cat is unique, and what works well for one may not be suitable for another. 

Always prioritize your cat’s safety and well-being. Monitor their response when introducing a humidifier into their environment, and consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

In conclusion, your cat’s health and comfort matter most, and with the right humidifier, you can create an optimal living environment for your beloved feline companion. Here’s to happier, healthier cats!

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